What Is teletherapy?

Teletherapy is known by many terms, some of which include; online therapy, telemental health, telebehaviorial health, e-therapy, online counseling, Internet therapy, or cyber-counseling. Teletherapy can take place online via email messaging, video conferencing, chat, or Internet phone and can occur in real-time or in a time-delayed format. Teletherapy is a relatively new development in mental health in which a therapist provides psychological treatment and support over the Internet.

Why should you choose teletherapy?

Online therapy is convenient, effective, and flexible. Let’s face it, our progressive, fast-paced, modern lives keep us busy making it difficult to connect and get the support we need. Finding the time to make it to a therapist’s office can be a challenge. That is why I provide convenient, creative, safe, and confidential therapy on your terms. The online therapy platform allows you to have a unique way to connect by having your therapy sessions in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. With no travel time to a therapist’s office, there’s no problem fitting an appointment into your day, evening, or weekend allowing you to schedule your therapy sessions for times that are the most convenient for you.

Furthermore, there are several advantages to online therapy, including:

  • Improved access to healthcare by bringing services to people in rural or remote areas and allowing these individuals access to treatment that they might otherwise not have, thereby expanding the reach of mental health practitioners.
  • Accessibility for those with physical limitations by providing accessibility to those who are disabled or housebound offering a useful alternative to traditional psychotherapy settings.
  • Obtainment of an extra level of privacy since no therapy office means no waiting rooms.
  • Continuation of treatment for those who travel. This allows one to continue therapy from anywhere in the world. Even family or couples therapy can continue despite people being in different locations.
  • Increased consumer demand since using teletherapy reduces travel time and related stresses for the individual, as well as offering access to providers that might not otherwise be available.

How does it work?

I contract with several video platforms and use a complete practice management service. All communication takes place through my completely private and secure web portal. This allows us to communicate through safe and secure written messaging, video, and instant message sessions while keeping sensitive information protected. All patient records are stored securely online to ensure your privacy and I am the only one who has access to your encrypted health information. The online services I use to communicate, conduct videoconferencing and chat sessions, and store records each utilize state of the art HIPAA-compliant security

Is it effective?

Online therapy has been shown to be as effective, and in some cases, more effective than traditional face-to-face therapy. According to the American Telemedicine Association, telehealth has been backed by decades of research and demonstrations and has been found to be a safe and cost-effective way to extend the delivery of health care. Improved quality has been shown by numerous studies indicating that telemental health services are connecting people to support and increasing access to care. Several studies have reported that clients demonstrate the same and often better outcomes from online support, with a reduction in symptoms and increased client satisfaction than with in-person therapy.

Does insurance cover online therapy?

Today, many states require insurance providers to cover online therapy just as they would traditional therapy sessions and as a result many insurance companies cover online video sessions. There are some requirements that must be met, usually involving the video platform, however, my secure web portal meets these requirements. You can call your insurance company directly to ask if your specific policy covers online therapy sessions and what their requirements are. As a courtesy, I would be happy to contact your insurance to obtain your eligibility and benefits.